The MOVEPGH team has some exciting stuff to share!  In order to get people thinking about what the future of Pittsburgh's transportation networks could look like, we selected a handful of streets to get a makeover--a theoretical makeover, anyway.  We put together some cool "morphs" that will hopefully spark your imagination--each one has its own Facebook comments section, so let us know what you think of them!  (We have more on the way, too!)

Click the pins on the map and you'll see links to some sliding images that show some potential streetscape modifications that could take place based on the studies the MOVEPGH team has done so far. These are only hypothetical--no actual changes are set to take place (That is, unless the public demands it!).  A plain-old list of the morphs is shown below the map, in case you have trouble with it.

MOVEPGH Morph Map:

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MOVEPGH Morph List:


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