PLANPGH will enhance Pittsburgh's quality of life by determining the effective and efficient use of its natural systems, infrastructure, cultural assets, recreational amenities, and economic resources.
To ensure continuity throughout PLANPGH, all components will meet these six goals:
  1. Strengthen Pittsburgh's position as a regional hub and enhance its global significance.
  2. Provide equal access and opportunities for all to live, work, play, learn, and thrive.
  3. Grow and diversify Pittsburgh's economy and its tax base.
  4. Foster a sense of Citywide community while strengthening neighborhood identities.
  5. Capitalize on Pittsburgh's diverse natural and cultural resources.
  6. Respect and enhance the relationship between nature and the built environment.
William Peduto, Mayor | Ray Gastil, AICP, Acting Director
City of Pittsburgh | Department of City Planning
200 Ross St, 4th Floor | Pittsburgh, PA 15219
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